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Selling Food to China - Childs' Play

Selling food and beverage to China can be Childs’ play – it’s really just like doing a jigsaw

Think back a few years, when you started doing jigsaw puzzles - you developed a simple process. It didn’t matter whether the puzzle was very easy or very hard,the process itself stayed pretty much the same.

You started with a picture of what the finished puzzle looked like and then you had a pile of pieces.

When you began to learn how to do puzzles you may have had a few methods that didn’t work too well

A chaotic approach – no real plan just pieces scattered everywhere – not a great start and probably you soon gave up

Trying to fit pieces in the wrong order - - you didn’t get the result you wanted

And then of course we all have worked hard on a jigsaw, only to find that we were missing a few pieces – all that effort and no satisfactory result!

But then with guidance from someone who really knew how to do puzzles - you developed a better approach

Sorting out all the pieces, face up so you could see not only the shape of the piece but a part of the image – this helped you to start to group the pieces together to make some sense.

You probably began by finding all the straight edges and built the framework first and then filled in the middle. This logical approach worked because it brought some order into the process. The result was that you could successfully complete even the most complicated puzzle.

Now let’s come back to today. Your market research shows that in 2014 the Chinese imported food market was valued at $500 Billion with a growth rate of 15% a year

You make great products, so everyone in China must want them, and you dream of shipping container after container – good for your business and good for your profit. Sounds easy – well not quite. Think of it as one of the hardest jigsaws you ever started.

The first piece is to be market ready (all the straight edges) Market readiness is all about compliance.

Your product must meet the Chinese food standards requirements. If your products are not compliant you will be unable to sell anything

Buyers may express initial interest, but nowadays will not risk even a simple order because it is highly likely to be blocked at customs.

Compliance is far from simple and includes completing lots of documentation in Chinese -Complex yes, but it is process driven.

Our specialist compliance team – one of the best in China, can take on all the challenges of compliance for you

Once you are compliant you can seriously engage with the market

You will need a fully integrated marketing strategy aimed at both B2B, to generate buying interest, and B2C to generate demand from the market. Marketing collateral all needs to be in colloquial Chinese

Any on line promotion needs to comply with Chinese law

The Anderen team can help you to create strong colloquial marketing strategies and materials including fully compliant on line activity

Tobe successful you have to be there so the next piece is having a local presence.

This means that potential dealers have a local contact number and can speak to someone who is Chinese in their own language, and is in their own time zone

Our clients can use our superb state of the art office facility in Guangzhou,

Our staff represent their interests in China on a day to day basis

You are now ready to develop routes to market. In China there are lots of these and you need to work out which works for you. It is not simply a case of finding a single agent

As an Anderen client you will be able to have access to our data base of over100,000 professional Chinese buyers.

The China market must be seen as a medium to long term investment. There are few if any quick fixes Companies of all sizes can be successful when they have the right strategic approach.

Anderen’s role is to support you by providing the best value for money services

If you are serious about being part of the fastest growing food market in the world contact Anderen today. Our team of specialists is ready to help you build you’re your business in China based on firm foundations

On the Anderen YouTube channel you will find a series of videos that explain in more detail the services that you access working with us

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Registered in England number: 4514202 | VAT number: GB 900 7819 34 | Copyright © 2021 Anderen Ltd
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