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Doing business in China can be both profitable and exciting, but it can also seem frustrating and problematic when you first start. Dealing with a very different business culture requires some adjustments in the way you approach this market. To be successful you need to dedicate a significant resource, in both time and effort, to develop the relationships that are needed for success. There are few shortcuts but with our existing network of connections we can smooth the way.

We are able to support you in your early days and grow with you as your business develops by offering a variety of support services that make doing business in China much simpler. Anderen Ltd, are specialists in translating your current and new information into Chinese, advising you on regulations applied to your products and your services, through to offering office facilities, accompanying you on visits to meet customers or suppliers, and developing and managing distribution networks. You will be safe in the knowledge that once you have received any of our services, you will continue to have support into the future.

How does the process work and help my business?

Successfully doing business in China is all about building relationships and developing an understanding of the very different business culture.

In addition there are invariably language issues. English is spoken in China but often this is limited to social discussions. What is said is often not quite what is meant and so it is vital to clearly understand any buying agreement.

You work with an experienced team of multilingual business managers who ensure that you have a very clear understanding of what is happening. 

When you visit a buyer, a supplier or attend an exhibition you don't just have an interpreter, but rather someone who has your company’s business development at heart. At the end of your trip you will have a comprehensive brief of what has been achieved.

You work with someone who is looking at the long term successful growth of your business. After all, if you are successful we are successful.

You can benefit from a very flexible approach to working, with a wide range of service programmes to suit every need. In many cases you will have a service tailored to your specific business model. It doesn't matter if you are a complete novice or an experienced international trader, service levels will be adapted to your requirements.

You benefit from our experience of over 40 years involvement in international trade, with over a decade concentrating on doing business in China, We offer practical, no nonsense guidance and services that help companies, at all levels, to safely and successfully develop their China business.

Yes there is a cost, but we believe that the benefits using an experienced consultant helping you to do business in China are more than paid for by improvements in profitability.

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Accompanied Visits

Use our highly experienced staff to assist you whilst in China

What's in it for you?

Arriving for the first time in China can be a daunting prospect. You can waste a lot of money if you do not plan properly and also have no idea who you will meet or where they are.

Working with us means that you can concentrate on your business goals, we take care of the rest. Meetings and logistics are planned, outcomes are documented. Successful outcomes rely on the ability of both sides to fully understand each other. This not only applies to language but also business culture. You have continuity – your interpreter is a “business partner”

What we do

Our bilingual staff can accompany clients on business visits including exhibitions in both China and in the UK. We offer more than just interpreting. Our staff are trained in International Business and will help with negotiation and ensure that you fully understand what is happening throughout any meeting. This is further reinforced by a comprehensive debrief and written report. We also offer advice on business etiquette when dealing with Chinese contacts to avoid any misunderstandings. When you are ready to move ahead and buy from China, you have on-going continuity.

Translation Services

Ensuring that your product information is translated correctly is an essential element to successfully sell to China.

What's in it for you?

Selling to China - A good sales message sells products and services - provided of course, the reader understands it!

You will be more successful if your literature and web site are in Chinese, in a Chinese style and using colloquial Chinese expressions. Simply cloning an English site is often not successful. It is also a good idea to host your Chinese site in China.

Technical specifications, legal documents and contracts also need translating. This is a specialist service that normally falls well outside the abilities of most standard translation agencies.

Once you have agreed contacts, you progress faster if both parties can communicate effectively.

What we do

We have a broad experience in translating general and technical documents from a wide range of industry sectors from English into Chinese and from Chinese to English.

All documents are tested in-market for accuracy to avoid misinterpretation and "howlers" - yes they are funny, but what does that say about your professionalism

Remember contracts need to be in both Chinese and English and legal documents need to meet the requirements of both English and Chinese laws to avoid complications.

We offer translation of catalogues, general correspondence and emails, technical translation and operating manuals, legal documents and contracts, web content, business cards. We can also organised competitively priced printing and provide interpreters for exhibitions.

Continued Contact - Outsource office solutions, with world class support

What's in it for you ?

You have made a good contact and you are ready to start to selling to China. You have a fist full of enquiries from an exhibition, or a trade mission. Now you must maintain contact to succeed.

You can economically have the power of a local office in China, without all the hassle of setting it up yourself and managing staff. You have someone working to make your deals happen efficiently and you have control the work that is done and the costs.

Time zones and language, contact problems, plus the cost of long distance travel, are eliminated when we act as your "partner" in China. Your client has a local contact via our China office and you have contact through our UK office.

You are able to maintain contact with your clients locally, to follow up enquiries and quotations, progressing orders, problem resolution, organising payments or simply staying in touch. You have the continuity that enables you to build sustainable business development in China. Being able to quote a Chinese address and land line phone number either as a buyer or seller shows that you are serious about doing business with China.

Selling to China?

Efficient transfer of goods is good for business. You have access to the latest information on regulatory requirements, and customs clearance. When goods are paid for you make your profit. But how can you be confident you will get paid?

Not every Chinese company who wants your products can or wants to pay in GBP/Euro/USD. We can legitimately arrange for hard currency on RMB business. This can increase your market potential as this tends to be a huge untapped market. Whilst trading in RMB internationally is in its early stages, we have legitimate ways of organising hard currency payments.We can also organise ways to ensure efficient customs clearance.

Office Facility

Local representation and continued contact all organised by Anderen Ltd

We make our office facilities in China available for your use. Manned by experienced bilingual staff, and managed in a Western style, you can be a secure in the knowledge that your interests will be protected and contacts developed and maintained.

Give your literature and web site a professional look using our specialist team of technical translators. We work with you to develop links with Chinese companies who want to buy products or services or who want to sell to or invest in the West.

Whether buying from China or selling to China, your contacts see that you have local representatives looking after your interest. You can have an address in a prestige building in a key business district of Guangzhou, one of China's most exciting commercial cities and business hub for the Pearl River Delta - China's "manufacturing heartland", giving you a local phone number and address, presenting your company in the most professional way and demonstrating that you are serious about developing business with the Chinese.

In addition, we offer flexible options on staffing. Initially any available member of our staff takes care of your business needs. If you need a little more, move up to either a part time or full member of staff working exclusively for your business. You control what they do and we take care of their employment and manage them. You get a full account of all expenses occurred.

Fortune Cookies

A tale of how not to do it

A group of businesses attended an exhibition in Beijing. All were experienced in international trade but it was their first time to China. None had any Chinese literature because, after all, 'everyone speaks English', Unfortunately this is not quite the case. A shared interpreter was hired but always seemed to arrive late in the mornings and afternoons and always left early for lunch and in the evening. He also had his own 'agenda'. Despite this all the companies made some contacts and returned back to the UK and sent out quotations (in English). Not unsurprisingly none of these enquiries resulted in any further contact. The cost of this trip was in excess of £3000 per company with no positive outcome other than showing that the market had potential.

The following year the same group decided to do the same exhibition again. By this time all had learned the value of having their own interpreters. These were hired and turned out to be students who had no real idea what they were supposed to do and many found the technical aspects too difficult. In the main they also looked like students All the companies also realised the value of having Chinese literature and had translations done in the UK. Unfortunately the translations were not very competent, although they did cause some amusement amongst the Chinese visitors. The moral of this story is that travelling to China on business either buying or selling carries a fairly high cost and so it is important to get a return on that investment. Being organised with well translated literature and working with someone who has a clear understanding of your motivation and desired outcomes, together with projecting a very positive and professional approach makes good economic sense. Also you have someone locally who can follow up any potential business.

We were a member of this group and yes we made pretty well all the mistakes you could make when we first looked at the market.

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