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We offer real value for money

Eliminating risk when trading with China is very important. When you lower the risk you reduce the likelihood of losing money.

We appreciate that in the early days, consultancy fees are seen as an on cost and so we have a number of flexible options to suit every need. These can be based around our contract lists or completely bespoke solutions.

Special Offer

Special Introductory offer

£1250 for up to 5 working days consultancy from our team

This can be used in any way that suits your specific needs and will include a Free initial discussion regarding the viability of your project (by telephone/email/Skype)

You can then select from the following list or whatever else you feel is important:

  • Market Research, product location and assessment, company searches
  • Accompanied visits, translation, interpreting
  • Assistance with negotiation
  • Quality assurance checks
  • Arranging shipping (Please note we are unable to assist in the shipping of counterfeit goods)

* Please note that the following additional charges may apply:

  • All travel costs.
  • Daily subsistence (meals) for our accompanying staff in China.
  • Travel / hotel costs for our staff where needed,
  • Working days are based on our normal office hours (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm) If you need support outside these hours, this may be subject to an agreed supplementary hourly charge. Where weekend work is required, there may be a surcharge of ¬£100 per day paid locally over and above the day rate

FREE 1 Hour telephone/Skype consultation to discuss your project

By telephone/email/Skype. Please send us an email with details of your project to book an appointment

We have two options, contract or pay as you go.


For companies who have a long term strategy for doing business with China, we offer several types of contract structure. The chart below gives an example of services and budget costs

However, please contact us directly to discuss your exact requirements as many of our clients need a more bespoke approach 

Annual Service Contracts
Telephone Consultancy on matters relating to doing business in China
Accompanied visits to China (per year) (based on 5 working days, Mon-Fri 9am - 5pm)
(agreed additional charges may be incurred if the visits need travel outside Guangzhou or includes weekend work)
1 Visit 2 Visits 3 Visits
On-going communication (email, tel, voip)
Assistance with problem resolution
Logistical support (arranging shipping packing goods for shipment, export documentation by third party)
Quality Assurance and pre delivery checks Up to 5% of shipment Up to 10% of shipment Up to 25% of shipment
Obtaining samples and arranging shipping to you (at cost)
Please note that it is usual for samples to be paid for in advance and the cost to be deducted from a future order. We cannot help with counterfeit products
Project Management Shared Resource Priority shared resource with dedicated client manager Dedicated resource with exclusive use of an individual staff member
Organising formal third party inspection and certification (chargable)
Attending meetings with contacts on your behalf
Face to face consultancy meetings
Factory / company inspections/due diligence
Budget costs *£500 per month or single up-front payment of £5000 per year (min 12 month contract) *£600 per month or up-front payment of £6000 per year (min 12 month contract) *£1000 per month or up-front payment of £10,000 per year (min 2 year contract)


  • Payments to be made by direct debit to our UK office one month in advance
  • *Subject to VAT at applicable rate (note if work is done exclusively in China the VAT rate is at zero)
  • Additional services can be added to any service level as required for an agreed additional sum
  • Additional local services provided in China should be paid locally to our Guangzhou Office in RMB
  • The cost of additional services to be paid immediately on of issue of invoice

Pay as you go

If you are not yet sure that trading with China is for you, or you have limited needs of our service we offer an alternative "Pay as you go" system. The cost is based on a mutually agreed man/hour basis . This service is not designed for long term, consistent use, but can be cost effective in some cases where a limited service is required

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A client's experience

A UK company placed an order for sanitary ware in China and decided to take the risk and negotiated with the Chinese company direct. The result was that the sanitary ware was very poor quality, none were saleable and the outcome was a large cost of disposal to land fill in the UK (which was more costly than buying and shipping the product).

The client then came to use us for help. Before the next shipment, we arranged a quality assurance inspection on the consignment before the goods were paid for and dispatched. The goods were delivered and the results exactly as the client wanted.

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Registered in England number: 4514202 | VAT number: GB 900 7819 34 | Copyright © 2021 Anderen Ltd
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