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Few companies can move forward without good market intelligence, which requires an investment in Market Research & Strategy. You can only develop a strategy based on known facts, rather than what you think are facts. You know your product or service is great and should sell, but do your clients feel the same way? Do they see features as benefits and more importantly do they value those benefits. Success depends on knowing and understanding what the client really values.

Once you have information on what your potential clients value, you can then create a marketing strategy that will stimulate their interest and encourage them to take the next step and buy your product. People buy value - but how do they really assess value, as it means different things to different people - once you know this you win more business and make more profit.

Market Research

What we do

We are able to undertake bespoke market research projects to:

  • assess the needs wants and values of your target market
  • routes to market
  • import requirements
  • competitors
  • legal requirements
  • exhibition opportunities
  • funding availability
  • existing fashions in marketing, advertising and promotion

What's in it for you

  • An economic way of gathering information, using an in market team who have good connections
  • Reliable information based on a real investigation
  • A 360 degree view of what is required and what you need to do to meet the market demand
  • Enables you to make an informed judgement and evaluate the Chinese market potential for your products and services
  • Have a clear understanding of the needs of the market

Marketing Strategy

Marketing is the art of creating a platform to generate enquiries, how you deal with these enquiries results in sales. Simply, a good marketing strategy makes your sales office phone ring.

You may offer the best product in the world, but if your brand and sales message doesn't get in front of people in a way that they can understand, you will find it hard to succeed.

Creating brand awareness, understanding what motivates a potential buyer and how to provide what he wants, are all essential elements of growing long term profitable business.

Presenting your products in a style that also takes into account the target market's business culture makes you stand out from your competitors.

Selling to China has its own marketing challenges.

Firstly, the style is very different from the West. Subtlety does not tend to work so well. Chinese web sites are also very different - they are much "busier". The sales message needs to be presented in a different way and so cloning western literature and web pages is less likely to be successful. To sell to China, you need to present information in a Chinese style, in colloquial Chinese. This often means telling your story in a different way

What we do

We keep our fingers on the pulse of what is new in marketing in China and help you to create materials and strategies that have a high chance of success.

  • Creating a Chinese version of literature and web content
  • Developing strong creative Chinese style messages
  • Develop brand awareness
  • Developing a social networking system
  • Identifying editorial opportunities
  • Establishing contact with key players

What's in it for you

You will have a strategy that will:

  • Connect and engage with Chinese buyers
  • Quickly build credibility
  • Reduce entry time into the market
  • Develop sales and improve profit margins

In addition, part of our marketing strategy process is to assess your company's "readiness to do business" in China. This includes looking at your products, your quality procedures, corporate responsibility, trading policies. The way you present yourself to the world has an effect on your chances of success in winning profitable sales.

We have been "working at the coal face" in China for over ten years and have made many of the common mistakes that companies make during that time. Using our extensive experience you can avoid them

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A Testimonial

We have always found Anderen to be a very professional company who have a positive presence in China.
We have worked with them for many years at the annual Ceramics China exhibition in Guangzhou, where they always seem to be able to obtain a good position for the UK Pavilion. They also organise the construction of the stand, but only having asked their fellow UK exhibitors for their feedback on the proposed designs. They can also organise interpretors and Chinese literature if required.

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Registered in England number: 4514202 | VAT number: GB 900 7819 34 | Copyright © 2021 Anderen Ltd
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