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It is a very exciting time for UK companies to be entering China, particularly when it comes to selling food and beverage especially now that UKTI is committed to supporting manufacturers of all sizes in this sector. With a growing middle class who are eager to have a wide range of new experience, UK products have a great reputation for quality and safety.

Selling food and beverage to China offers huge potential, but only if companies go for it and get the right guidance when entering the market.

You will need to invest resource because there is a lot of competition at the moment. Many companies from all parts of the world are promoting products in China and so you need to differentiate your products and service. You need to develop an infrastructure of contacts and also keep up to date with the ever changing regulations 

Business culture in China is very different from that of the UK but added to this there are issues relating to things like labelling, product testing, customs clearance and distribution, all of which make China a challenging place to do business.

Whilst this all seems a daunting prospect, working with a company who already has this infrastructure can save you a lot of time and of course money. 

A Testimonial

Yes bring it on British companies! I'm living in China in Qingdao (famous for it's beer) a 2nd tier city and there are two supermarkets full of imported goods within 5 minutes walk of my house.

Remember this is a 2nd tier city so it has no where near as many imported products as Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. Within 20-30 minutes of my apartment I can buy imported food from Jusco - 3 Aeon shops (Japanese), Metro (German), 3 Carrefour shops (French), Auchan (French), Hisense plaza, Mykal supermarket (Japanese) to name but a few

How many British goods can I find? very few. Apart from the ubiquitous Tyrrells crisps and a bit of Scottish shortbread it's all Aussie cheese, Italian biscuits and pasta, lots of German products.

If you haven't exported to China it's a bit of a minefield. Someone like Adrian who has been doing Business China for well over a decade can give you some great advice and support. I met him a few times when I worked for UKTI and he knows what he's talking about, trust me. He most certainly didn't ask for this recommendation by the way!

China's a tough market with a lot of potential but there are a hell of a lot of pitfall especially for people " off the boat " for a one week Trade Mission or exporting here for the first time. Use an experienced guy like Adrian and it will speed up your entry into the Chinese market.

Please export more British products here to make us Brit expats proud of our good old British brands!

Alastair James McTavish

Food Hospitality World Exhibition.

FHW is a well-established food show franchise operating in most of the BRIC countries so it has a well established reputation.

Anderen Ltd are the UK agent for the FHW food exhibition - the biggest and best food show in the South. China Mainland. Held in Guangzhou in November, FHW has proved to be a highly successful show attracting many serious buyers from all sectors of the industry. But this is not a show like the many others in China. We offer a unique programme called VIB (Very Important Buyer) 

If you have been to a food show most organisers sell you the space and then it's up to you.

FHW is different. As an exhibitor we offer pre exhibition market research where we match buyers and sellers. This is not merely sending out a catalogue. We actively promote your products and find companies who want to buy. At the show we accompany serious buyers to your booth and make the introductions. This way you know the people you are talking to are serious. Also such introductions are a great way to begin developing the relationships that you need to succeed in the market.

But what happens after the show? How will you follow up on any enquiries? We do that for you!

How much does all this cost? It is FREE if you book a minimum of 9m of space either as part of a UK Pavilion or as an independent exhibitor

For full details of the FHW show CONTACT US TODAY. We make exhibiting in China really easy. We take care of pretty well everything, you just need to turn up!

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